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Here, a list (non-exhaustive) with the features and functions (free or commercial) that will be implemented into iCagenda.

It is not always easy to plan the development and addition of new features to come. Some features in this roadmap require others to be developed before. Currently, no exact date of delivery for each one, but estimated period of developpement.

You can express your wishes and ideas on this topic: http://www.joomlic.com/forum/icagenda-announcements/330.

We take user contributions and requests very seriously. Everything you share back with us, even if it is a bug report or a new/improved feature you have written, helps us improving our software. Feel free to open a new topic on the JoomliC forum, or open a ticket support, if you have an active Pro subscription.

Thank you for your patience if sometimes we can not respond in a very short time. We try to do our best!

Get involved now. Help shape iCagenda the way you need it to be.

And keep an eye on this roadmap!



Please remember all dates are tentative and estimated features for each release subject to modification.

3.6.0 Jun. 2015 › Jul. 2016

Note: this version will be released later than previously announced. The reason is a major change in the approach of creating custom registration forms, and to allow the more flexibility as possible in managing different registration forms. And more code improvement!

3.6.0-alpha1 (released on 28 december 2015 for Pro users)

  • Full new frontend structure, to allow more flexible system with individual views for list, event and registration (now in 3 independant views)
  • Many improvement and refactory of the database queries and php functions to allow a better performance, and a faster loading of the main list of events
  • Advanced Frontend Search Filters (from ... to ..., category, ...)
  • Hits on event clicks
  • Custom fields : possibility to group custom fields, to allow multiple registration forms
  • End of code migration and refactory
  • This release will be the last one to support Joomla 2.5


3.6.0-alpha2 (released on 31 May 2016 for Pro users)

  • Full new registration form structure to allow maximum flexibility in creating custom form per event
  • More registration flexibility (custom fields to override core fields name, email...)
  • Registration deadline : until start (default) or until end of event (a selected limit date to register is postponed for 4.0.0 with new dates system)
  • More custom fields types (email, date, website...)


3.6.0-beta1 (Released on 13 July 2016 for Pro users)

  • Additional options before the last test release 3.6.0-RC
  • Code clean and minor improvements and fixes of alpha version


3.6.0-RC1 (Released on 30 July 2016 for Pro users)

  • Code clean and minor improvements and fixes of beta version


3.6.0 stable (Released on 19 August 2016)

After release of 3.6.0, a first "beta" version of a Paypal plugin will be available for testing by users with an active Pro subscription.
(This development is already started, but not yet workable due to needed component changes currently in process.)


3.7.0  September 2016 (start of the development...) > ?

  • Warning: New features and improvements will be only developed for minimum Joomla 3.2.4
  • Front-end edition of event [PRO feature]
  • User menu to list his own events [PRO feature]
  • Possibility for user to edit his registration (if simple registration form) and to change his attending/not attending.

4.0.0  Development is already started, and will be full accomplished when 3.6 and 3.7 will have all refactored code ready to allow the new dates system

  • First version to support Joomla 3 only
  • Removal of all duplicated code used to run on Joomla 2.5
  • New dates saving system. (Removal of period dates and single dates as splited selectors, but a unique system to allow more possibilities such as repeated dates, include/exclude, unlimited periods and/or single days...)


Changes from previous versions

3.5.x Fev. 2015 › Dec. 2015

  • First part of Registration Improvement
  • Forms validation improvement (Registration and Frontend Submit)
  • Export CSV of a list of registrations (using additional admin list filters)
  • Plugin JComments (integrate Comments in your events)
  • Pass Google Mobile-Friendly Test
  • Code migration and refactory

3.4.x May. 2014 › Jan. 2015

  • Custom Fields
  • Feature Icons


Major Developments

Improvement of iCagenda IN PROCESS

Many improvements are in process to optimize iCagenda, and help to speed up development :

  • Creation of a standalone Library (iC Library), to remove duplicated functions, and give more flexibility. DONE
  • Creation of an iCagenda Library, included inside iCagenda (utilities for component and modules). DONE
  • Re-coding of many files, to improve quality of the extension. IN PROCESS
  • Migration of css and script files, both from admin and site folders, to the media folder (no duplicate files). DONE

Custom Fields DONE 3.4.0-alpha

Custom Fields :

  • Possibility of custom fields in registration form DONE 3.4.0-alpha
  • Possibility of custom fields in event edition form DONE 3.4.0-alpha

Enhancements on Registration System

Many enhancements are planned about registration system :

  • Edition of individual registered user. DONE
  • Adding 2 other systems : "attending/not attending" (with no registration form if registered user, but option of access) and "ticket selling" (with possibility to set an external link to a paiement system. Wire Transfert and Check will be included inside iCagenda. A Paypal plugin will be developped when all needed features will be implemented. This Paypal plugin will be for a little fee, and free for user of the Pro Unlimited version.
  • Possibility for user to edit his registration (if simple registration form) and to change his attending/not attending.

Repeat Options for single dates

  • End time for single date
  • Repeat option for single date (repeat each "X" ("day", "week", "month" or "year") "X" times)

Integration with third party extension

Several integrations with other extensions are already planned :

  • jComments. DONE
  • Community Builder.
  • AcyMailing. DONE
  • ...


Details features requested by the community


  • Joomla 3 compatibility DONE
  • Permission Access DONE
  • ACL integration Events DONE
  • Options for event list header Display DONE
  • Global Options for date format and theme DONE
  • Filter date from ... to ... (menu-link and module calendar)
  • Automatic generation of thumbnails of each image DONE
  • Event manager in front-end
  • Adding filters (category...) in admin events list DONE
  • Statistics
  • RSS (joomla RSS module integrated)DONE
  • Add events to iCal DONE
  • Add events to Google Calendar DONE
  • Venues manager (linked to event edit)
  • og tags enhancement (facebook...) DONE
  • import/export events (csv...)
  • Print Button (event details view) DONE
  • Print Button (list of events)
  • ...


  • MENU-TYPE : Link to an event details view
  • MENU-TYPE : Link to list of archived events in front-end
  • MENU-TYPE : Event submission form in front-end DONE
  • OPTION : Display all dates or only next/last date for each event DONE
  • ...


  • Sub-categories
  • Default image for each category
  • Display of category description DONE
  • ...


  • Start and end date of publishing
  • Custom fields DONE
  • Options in GoogleMaps (Route to events, view, zoom, ...)
  • Encryption of email field (against spam catching) DONE
  • Option target for Website url DONE
  • Repeating events (weekly/daily) IN DEV.
  • Filter weekdays of a period (all days, monday, tuesday...) DONE
  • Localization of Google-maps based on the current language of the site DONE
  • Previous/Next navigation between Event Details views
  • Featured Events
  • Notification emails when new events (with settings and options)
  • ...


  • Permission Access to registration (public, registered users...) DONE
  • Limit of number of registration per user (email) DONE
  • Registration per date and time (and not only for all the event) DONE
  • Registered user can edit or cancel its registration
  • Email to user to confirm a registration, and email to admin when a new registration DONE
  • Automatic reminder mail (eg. 5 days before)
  • Limit date for registration
  • List of registered people in Front-End DONE
  • Custom fields DONE
  • Add/Edit/Delete a registered user DONE
  • csv export DONE
  • Ticket selling
  • Terms and Conditions checkbox DONE
  • More options for avatar (currently using Gravatar.com to display an avatar)
  • Captcha option DONE
  • Window form option for event's contact email
  • Printable list of registered users by event with contact details (could be done with new csv export using admin filters)
  • Registered user can list all their events
  • ...


  • Display options for fields (enable/disable) DONE
  • Options for editor (buttons...)
  • Extra fields for Managers (access levels, language, ...)
  • ...


  • Possibility to be published more than one time per page DONE
  • Multiple selection of categories to be displayed DONE
  • Legend for category colors
  • Enhancements of current tooltip DONE
  • New responsive tooltip IN DEV.
  • Option to order events in tooltip by time, category... IN DEV.
  • Auto close of tooltip on mouseOut DONE
  • ...


  • Option to display in columns DONE
  • Multiple selection of categories to be displayed DONE
  • Adding "Updoming and Today" option DONE
  • Integrate template for this module in Theme Packs (and keep existing layout as extra display option)
  • ...


  • PRO A module with options to display a list of events in a module position DONE Module iC Event List
  • A module with options to display a global Google Maps of all events
  • A Search and/or filter module
  • ...


  • AcyMailing TagsDONE
  • Autologin DONE
  • Jcomments DONE
  • Facebook Comments
  • Community Builder
  • Content
  • Search DONE
  • Smart Search
  • Jomsocial
  • ...


  • Falang DONE Content elements xml files
  • JDiction DONE xml files
  • ...



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